Fan Code of Conduct

The Ark Valley High Rollers want all fans and visitors to experience a safe, comfortable and enjoyable environment while attending a bout at the Chaffee County Fairgrounds. We are a small mountain-town, inclusive and child-friendly community and are committed to maintaining this unique experience for all.

When on the Chaffee County Fairgrounds parking lot property or inside the venue, we ask that you please refrain from the following :

  1. Behavior that endangers, threatens, or impairs others’ ability to enjoy the game, including fighting, taunting, harassment, profanity, and intimidation.
  2. Any and all verbal abuse towards visiting teams, AVHR skaters, refs, NSOs and volunteers.
  3. Any action that causes a disruption or interferes with the bout.
  4. Visible intoxication and/or disruptive and defensive behavior due to irresponsible use of alcohol or other illegal substances.
  5. Smoking anywhere inside the venue.
  6. Destruction, vandalism, or theft of any county or league property.
  7. Failing to follow instructions of our officials.

We reserve the right to promptly intervene if any of the above behavior is exhibited by you or your guests and eject patrons without refund and/or loss of privilege to attend future events.