Retired Skaters

Although I’ll miss
the sheer joy of skating;
the feeling of accomplishment from a killer block or 20-point jam;
the sweet exhaustion of pushing my body past its limits;

the exhilaration of coming together as a team…
It is time for me to put down my skates and explore the next dream.

My time here was unrivaled, life-changing, glorious and made me a better woman.

Thank you.

Retired or Moved on to Beyond Salida
Drew, AVHR Co-founder
Di Bitch Di
LaBomb Von’MeekyerMaker
Panica Smack
Bad Sushi
Public Enemy #1
Ginger SnapHer
Hella Marcella
Nadine Wheeler
Jule B. Hurtin’
Gerda Getsum
Silver BullHit
Bessy Black-eye
Ace of Spades
Pain in the Bass
Miss ColoRADo
Danger Jane
Natty Dreadlocks
R.I.P. ‘er ANewOne