Queen LaBeat-cha

Cari Beasley (member since 2010) a.k.a. Queen LaBeat-cha #40:

FeaturedSkater_20130209_Queen2First off, I just need to say from my heart what I know to be true — Roller Derby is the best sport ever played on the face of this earth. I am sure that there are some who will disagree, but they just haven’t been to a bout, yet. (Season tickets on sale now!) It is not just great because it is physically demanding, but because of the camaraderie of fellow teammates, the inspiring community activism, and so much more.

I began this journey on Feb. 17, 2010; it was a meeting for future derby girls, and we sat around the table at Moonlight Pizza discussing what we needed to get started. I remember perusing the books about roller derby and the surreal feeling that I could potentially be one of these athletic and enticingly dangerous looking women. I went all in: skates, pads, mouth guard, and silly socks (I desperately wanted to be a derby girl before I realized that socks do not make the player). I have never looked back, except to literally look back and find the opposing jammer.

Three years later and I continue to be transfixed by the constant changes in strategy and increased physical demands of the sport. It feels so great to be part of something so ingenious. I certainly have those days when I just want to lay on the couch but knowing that I will let my girls down gets me back out on the track.20121014_Choice-City_FC-24-285x300

I am not sure when this journey will end. What I do know is that right now I am appreciating every lap I get to make with these fabulous skaters and refs. I also thank my family for being supportive and indulging me in this adventure. Someday I hope my daughters will look back with pride, while currently, they wait anxiously for a ride home, because their mom is at roller derby practice.